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Appetizer or entree - Lactose free - Can be gluten free (read footnotes)

We love salads but, sometimes, they become a little boring. We love farro, richer in fibers and protein than rice and with a distinct nutty flavor that goes perfectly with lots of dishes... I combined the things, the only cooking time is for farro: you can cook a lot of it, and keep it in an airtight container in the refigerator.

4 big tomatoes, ripe but firm
3/4 cup Italian farro
1 can Italian tuna packed in olive oil
1/2 red onion
Italian sea salt

Bring a pot of water to a boil; when it boils, add salt, then farro and stir. Cook until al dente (about 25 minutes), drain and spread on a towel to cool down to room temperature.

In teh meantime, cut the top of the tomatoes, empty the tomatoes and keep both the pulp and the top, sprinkle with a little salt and arrange on a colander upside down, to drain water.

Drain tuna from its oil and crumble it; reserve the oil. Dice the tomato pulp.

Thinly slice onions and place them in a big bowl, then add farro, onions and the tomato pulp; season with salt and the tuna oil. Toss to combine evenly.

Take the tomatoes and stuff with the farro mixture, cover with the tomato "lid" and refrigerate until it's time to serve.

This recipe serves 4 (as long as tomatoes are big enough)

- You can add some freshly chopped (or dried) parsley to the farro mixture.
- You can prepare this dish one day in advance and keep them in an airtight container.
- It's great in a mixed appetizer, if small, or also as entree.
- If you have too much stuffing, serve it by the tomato's side.
- Try to get Italian tuna (like the Tonnino we have in stock): it's of a higher quality and comes in chunks of fillets!
- It's lactose free and can be gluten free, provided that you use rice instead of farro which, being a grain, contains gluten.

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