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Salad - lactose and gluten free - Vegetarian (see bottom notes)

This is a very easy recipe, perfect for summertime because no cooking is required.

1 14-oz can Italian cannellini beans
1 14-oz can Italian borlotti beans
1 14-oz can Italian ceci (chickpeas)
1 14-oz can Italian lentils
3 5.8-oz cans high quality tuna in olive oil
1 can baby Italian onions in balsamic vinegar
4 tbsp Italian Extra virgin olive oil
3 tbsp Italian balsamic glaze
1 clove garlic, few rosemary and sage leaves, chopped

Mix chopped garlic, rosemary and sage with olive oil and balsamic glaze.

Drain and rinse all legumes, this will remove salt in excess.

Drain tuna and onions; crumble tuna and cut onions in 2-4-6 pieces depending on their size.

Arrange legumes and onions in a salad bowl and dress them with olive oil seasoning and salt. Toss well to coat, then add tuna and toss again to combine all ingredients.

Serve with a mixed green salad.

This recipe serves 6-8

- Do not overdo with salt, both beans and tuna have it.
- You can add other vegetables to it, like cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and more.
- If you like it, you can add boiled farro to this salad.
- This is a gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian (remove tuna!) recipe.
- We carry all the ingredients, except for garlic and fresh herbs.

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