lunedì 18 giugno 2012


Dessert - Light

5 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups ricotta
4 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

Divide eggs: put yolk in a big bowl and egg whites in another.

Add sugar to the yolks and whisk until you obtain a pale yellow cream, then add ricotta and whisk until well combined.

Add a pinch of salt to the whites and beat until it holds picks; then carefully add it to the ricotta cream, stirring from bottom up.

Pour coffee in a bowl and quickly dip ladyfingers in it (one at a time); then layer them on the bottom of a 9x13" rectangular baking pan.

Pour half of the cream and top with coffee-dip ladyfingers.

Add cocoa powder to the reamaining ricotta cream and pour it over the ladyfinger, finish with another layer of coffee-dip ladyfingers.

Put the cake in the freezer for 4-5 hours.

Serve sprinkled with confectioners' sugar and crumbled amaretti cookies.

- You can add diced fruits (banana, strawberry, peach, pear....) and/or chocolate chips and/or chopped nuts to your ricotta cream.
- You can put it in the refrigerator, instead of the freezer, obtaining a sort of tiramisu. This way it's more like an ice-cream cake.
- If there will be kids, you can add milk to the coffee or just use milk. If there won't be kids, then you can add a liqueur to the coffee. Amaretto would be great.
- You can use half vanilla half chocolate ladyfingers.

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