lunedì 23 febbraio 2009



1 Buffalo mozzarella
3 slices of Italian cooked ham
12 slices of bread (wheat, white, or the one you prefer)
2 eggs
1/2 cup of milk
bread crumbs
oil to be used to fry

Beat the eggs in a bowl with milk, salt and pepper (if you like it); set aside.
Slice the mozzarella into 6 slices and let them drain; divide each Italian Ham slice in two parts; take away the crust from the bread slices.
Make six sandwiches with all these ingredients, dip them in the eggs/milk mixture and let the bread soak. Press it very well so that it won't separate while cooking.
Place the sandwiches in the bread crumbs and let them stick on both sidesw.
Fry the sandwiches in a big skillet with abundant hot oil until they become golden on both sides. Serve immediately.

If there is some eggs mixture left, don't throw it away, use it to make an omelette.

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