martedì 2 dicembre 2008



Mascarpone 2/8oz cups
Eggs 6
Sugar 6 tbsp
Ladyfinger 1 pckg (14 oz)
coffee (espresso is better 2-3)
salt, milk, rum or cognac (optional)
Cocoa powder if liked

First of all prepare the espresso (or the coffee) so it will become colder.
Divide the eggs: yolks in one big bowl and Whites in another one.
Put sugar in Yolks and whisk them until they become light yellow (near to white); at this point add Mascarpone and whisk to combine (usually 2 to 3 minutes).
Wash the whisk well and dry it. Add a pinch of salt to the whites (it will help you and you won't taste it). Whisk whites until they become white and firm.
Put whites into the yolks/mascarpone cream and combine CAREFULLY, REALLY CAREFULLY!
At this point put coffee in a bowl and add liquor if it's only for adults or milk if there are kids too.
Quickly dip ladyfingers in the coffee and make a first layer in a deep serving dish, then cover with cream, dust with cocoa and repeat another time.
Put in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Remeber that, due to the presence of raw eggs, it's preferable not to exceed with quantity and finish it quickly; this recipe is for about 10 people.

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