martedì 19 agosto 2008


First course - Main entree

1 jar (12.3oz) of cannellini white beans
1 jar (12.3oz) of butter beans
1 jar (12.3oz) of pea beans
1 can (14oz) of lentils
1 can (14oz) of chickpeas
2 potatoes
1 onion and 1 carrot finely chopped
1 clove of garlic
2 peeled tomatoes or 2 tablespoons of strained tomatoes
Sage, rosemary, olive oil
In a 5-qt saucepan put 2 tablespoons of olive oil and gently sauté onion and carrot for 5 minutes; dice the potatoes in small cubes and add them in the saucepan together with the tomatoes, sage, rosemary and garlic, stir and add at least 3 qt of water, when it boils, add salt. After 25-30 minutes (the potatoes will be almost done) add all the legumes drained from their water and rinsed to take away the excess of salt, stir and cook for 5-10 minutes. Take the soup out of heat and remove garlic, sage and rosemary.
If you like a creamier soup, blend a part of the legumes/potatoes with an immersion blender.
You can cook rice or pasta in the soup or you can also toast some Italian bread, dice it, put it in individual bowls and pour soup over it; drizzle with olive oil and enjoy your soup.
With these quantities you can make about 8 portions of soup, depending if you use it with pasta/rice or not; you can put it in small containers and freeze it, you’ll always have a ready to eat soup and, for sure, you’ll know what’s in it because you made it.
It’s a good idea for summer too because you can eat it cold with toasted bread; it’s a complete meal, if with pasta/rice or bread.
I avoid the use of parmesan because of garlic (they shouldn’t go together).
Remember that, being a thick soup, when you cook rice or pasta in it, they tend to stick to the bottom so it’s better to stir frequently. If the soup thickens too much, it's useful to have some salted boiling water to eventually add to it.

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