martedì 26 agosto 2008




10oz. Ricotta
4.5oz. Sugar
3.6oz. dark chocolate chips
1 shot glass of rum
1 lemon's grated peel

In a bowl put the Ricotta, the sugar and the rum and mix well; add the chocolate chips and the grated lemon peel; stir well to combine.
With this mixture you can fill around 12 cannoli (depending on the size).
Put in the fridge but not for too long otherwise the filling will wet the shell.
If you're afraid that the filling is too much, start with half quantities.
To fill the cannoli the perfect item is sac-a-poche (Cone-shaped canvas bag used in pastry to achieve dense or semi-dense fillings); if you don't have one, you create a single-use one cutting an angle of a freezer bag, fill it with the filling and squeeze it in the shells.
If this dessert goes to kids too, you can use milk instead of rum.

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