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Appetizer or entree - Lactose free

I really like tuna, as long as it's good quality. The tuna I use in this dish and it's truly important, since this recipe has few ingredients. It's very easy and quick!! They certainly are perfect if eaten right away but they're good at room temperature, too ;-)

1 5.8oz (160gr) can Italian Tuna in olive oil, high quality
1/2 cup boiled potatoes
1 or 2 eggs
1 tbsp Italian green olive spread
1 tsp Italian capers, packed in salt and rinsed
Few parsley leaves
Plain breadcrumbs
Italian extra virgin olive oil to fry

Drain tuna and smash it with a fork, transfer to a bowl. Force potatoes through a ricer and add to the tuna, together with the egg.

Chop parsley and capers and add those too, along with olive spread, to the bowl.

Stir to combine, until you obtain a nice soft mixture. Make small "balls" about the size of a walnut, flatten them slightly with the palm of your hand and dredge in breadcrumbs, then do it a second time.

Warm the olive oil in a small, deep skillet and fry the "balls", a few at a time, until golden on both sides.

Remove them and lay on paper towels to absorb excess oil.

Serve immediately.

With these quantities I made 15 pcs.

- I haven't set a specific amount of eggs... it depends on their size, the humidity left in the potatoes and on the tuna, too.
- You can use basil or other herbs, if you don't like or find parsley.
- Don't add any salt: capers, tuna and olives are salty enough.
- It's lactose free
- It's great in and appetizer or even as entree, served with fresh or steamed/sauteed vegetables.
- You can find our video here

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