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Soup - Vegan/vegetarian - Lactose and gluten free

Yesterday (Monday) I asked hubby what he wanted for dinner and he asked for some soup, if possible. So I came up with this one, which was very good and, given the temperatures, was perfectly appropriated!

1 lb asparagus
2 small potatoes, diced
1 small onion, diced
1 cup Carnaroli Italian rice
Vegetable broth, 4 cups at least
Italian extra virgin olive oil
Italian sea salt

Bring broth to a boil. Snap asparagus in two and put both pieces in the broth, along with potatoes and onions. Cook until vegetables are tender.

Scrape the "pulp" of the asparagus' bottom and blend everything with enough broth to obtain a smooth cream. Keep some broth always warm.

Bring back to boil, season with salt and add rice; cook, stirring frequently, until rice is al dente, about 18-20 minutes. Add broth to thin your cream, if needed.

Serve in individual bowls drizzled with Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Serves about 4

- You can use farro instead of rice, making this soup richer in fibers. You'll have to adjust cooking time and liquid since it takes longer to cook farro.
- You can leave the tips of asparagus whole and cut some of it in rounds, to give a "chunkier" consistency to your soup (I blended everything).
- It's really good, healthy and can be brought to work and warmed up in the microwave.
- It's vegan/vegetarian, lactose and gluten free (provided you use rice and not farro, which is a grain and, so, not safe for gluten intolerant people).

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