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Entree - can be gluten free (READ notes at bottom)

I was lucky enough to find chicken breast slices (that I love) and I also found mozzarella pearls on sale!

4 slices turkey breast, 1/8" thick
4 slices ham
24 mozzarella pearls
2 cups milk
1 rosemary sprig and 4 sage leaves, tied together
3 tbsp Italian extra virgin olive oil
00 flour to dredge
Italian sea salt

Lay meat slices on a cutting borad and pound lighlty (if needed), then top with ham and 6 mozzarella pearls. Fold in half and secure with a toothpick.

Dredge your pockets in flour and shake away any excess. Warm up the olive oil, in a non-stick skillet, over high heat.

Sautee until lighty golden on both sides. Season with salt, add herbs and milk. Lower to medium heat and cook until done through, turning them a few times.

Serve immediately.

This recipe serves 4

- Most of the times I deglaze pan with brandy (wine doesn't react well with milk: it breaks milk!).
- Milk is necessary in order to keep your turkey breast moist and tender. Also, given the flour, your milk will thicken nicely.
- If you're gluten intolerant or alleric, use corn starch, instead of flour.
- You can add peas to your pan, when pockets are almost done.
- Serve this dish with salad, fruit and bread to have a complete meal.
- If you have leftover meat (I always prepare more than I need), you can freeze it in portions, so you'll have a quick meal ready in the freezer.
- With the sauce, you can prepare a great risotto!!!

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