lunedì 25 marzo 2013


Meat entree

2 chicken breast, boneless skinless
6 oz frozen spinach
1/3 15-oz ricotta cheese
2 tbsp grated Parmigiano
Shredded mozzarella
Nutmeg and salt
1/4 cup brandy
3 tbsp extra Virgin olive oil
2 cups milk
Flour, sage and rosemary

Cook spinach, drain and let cool down to room temperature; then squeeze excess water and place in a bowl.

Add ricotta, parmigiano, a pinch of nutmeg, season with salt and mix well to combine all ingredients.

Cut breasts in half and, if necessary, thin them to a 2" thickness, then open a pocket in it and set aside. (you can use the slices for other preparation, you can find some in our blog).

Stuff the pocket with the spinach mixture, place some mozzarella in the middle and secure the opening with 1 or 2 toothpicks, depending on the opening length.

Dredge pockets in flour and coat them evenly.

In a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat, sautee meats until golden on bot sides, season with salt; add brandy and let alcohol evaporate. Pour milk (warm is better, if at all possible), add sage and rosemary and adjust with salt.

Cover with lid and lower heat to low and cook until cooked trhough.

I served it with porcini mushrooms and onions sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and brandy, and a salad made with romaine, green and purple cabbage adn shredded carrots.

This recipe serve 4

- If you have leftover stuffing, you can make "polpette" (fried crisps) with them!
- This dish is great prepared in advance and just warmed up when needed. I also make more and freeze portions: ready to go dinners (instead of boxed ones)!!!!!!
- A good friend told me that, if don't want or can't use brandy, you can use apple juice: you'll obtain the same taste result!

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